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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 25, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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is so scary. it happened two houses down from me. >> authorities would not say if there were signs of forced entry to the home. >> we do not believe there is a threat to public safety or to neighbors. we are not labeling this at this point. >> the family included a middle school and high-school age boy. >> sometimes when we had snow storms he would help out and clear people's driveways. he was a good neighbor. >> the younger child attended middle school. police have not released the names of those found dead pending notification of their next of kin.
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>> police tell us they will remain on the scene this evening. we will have more for you coming up at 5:00. >> a customer in to come apart is recovering after being robbed and shot as he left his bank. -- takoma park is recovering after being robbed and shot as he left his bank. >> the man was just leaving the bank, trying to get into his car, when he was robbed and shot. the search for a suspect is gone after a -- the search for a suspect is often produced before 7:00 monday night, a 33-year-old man was walking out of the bank after making a deposit. a suspect demanded money and shot him. >> he took off running across
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the avenue towards the axon. >> wilbur d. as was getting ready to leave this sub shop next door when he saw the commotion. it was just last year, a bank robber held a teller hostage. some believe more security should be in place, others say even if measures were taken crime will continue to happen. >> it is a matter of where you are and paying attention. >> authorities described the suspect as a black male, wearing black clothing and a black hat. >> former uvea lacrosse player george huguely plans to appeal
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his second degree murder conviction. he was found guilty of second- degree murder and grand larceny in the may 2010 death of his girlfriend yeardley love. >> a d.c. man faces up to five years in prison after admitting to killing a puppy. sean delontay branch pleaded guilty to felony cruelty to animals. the 24-year-old dropped a 90- pound slab of concrete on the puppy. he will be sentenced in november. >> we have some rain on the way. >> it has been so nice. we turn to bob ryan. >> it will be very spotty and even though there are rain drops in the forecast, most of the
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time, it will just be partly cloudy. beautiful sky out there. our temperatures early this morning, look at that, 53. 58 at annapolis. cumberland was 36 degrees. the temperatures have risen in some spots by almost 40 degrees. we are getting a southerly breeze. that will be the story tomorrow also. nothing right now on doppler. those will pretty much dried up. tomorrow when you are heading off to school, it will not be the chilly morning it was this morning. 7:00 in the morning is the sunrise. i think it will be partly cloudy and temperatures into the high 70's. there will be outdoor recess tomorrow.
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>> every time it does rain, people get worried because of their streets and homes that flood. today, they got to meet with city officials on how to prevent that from happening again. did they really accomplish anything? >> the answer is no. i was inside city hall for hours and hours. one after another, more people talking about how they just cleaned out their bank trying to pay for all of these repairs. in several floods come up water up to her knees, her basement flooded twice. she just bought a house two years ago and she had to lean on her parents for help.
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she has spent $7,500 on home repairs in northwest d.c. a flooded again and again this summer. >> it was stressful. unbelievably stressful every time. >> the sewage system was installed in the late 1800's. a new system in the works will not be completed until 2025. water officials say to make improvements to prevent flooding in the city the council meets to approve it. -- needs to approve it. others cleaned out their savings making repairs. >> right now, it is the most tapped out. if something else happens, i do not know. >> there is a bit of hope that
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came out of today's hearing. a new bill was introduced today during the hearing that would help people pay a little bit of the money they spend give the city every day to some of these residents to spend thousands of dollars on these repairs. that will take some time to even get past at this point. >> we will send an update on the work to repair the washington monument. the park service closed the monument after last summer's earthquake. park officials would be holding a press conference at 10:30 tomorrow morning at the national mall. they're expected to announce the contractor chosen. >> the last leg of the packers- seahawks game added more fuel to the fire. you know what we're talking about. they reviewed last night's
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seahawks touchdown. if you ask most of the players fans, and anybody who has eyes, they would disagree. we're live from fedex filled with the latest. -- field with the latest. >> it was a hot mass. -- hot mess. when the redskins hit the field, they will have to opponents. the tampa bay buccaneers and the referees. they're making a mockery of the sport. this is his first time watching the final play. it takes the nine-year-old exactly five seconds to make the right call. >> i would have said the packers. >> she is not a football fan but knew enough to tell who caught that final ball. >> the guy in the yellow.
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>> giving seattle a touchdown and a victory over green bay. >> in the most bizarre finish you will ever see. >> the nfl set except for a penalty call, the ruling on the field was correct. social media disagreed. at an event at fedex field this morning, a simple message. >> the older referees, we miss you a lot. >> sentiments echoed by fans who are getting increasingly frustrated. >> and not until we turn off the tv, and that will not happen.
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>> there does not appear to be any end in sight anytime soon. there was a fourth consecutive day of negotiations, but both sides appear to be very far apart. >> i do not know if you heard this, but even the president is weighing in on this replacement controversy. here is what he treatedweeted -- we will have much more on the referee fiasco. that is coming up in sports. we will hear from more redskins players on last night's call. >> the president might even get a republican to agree with him on that when. >> find some common ground. >> why emergency call boxes may
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soon be out of service. >> a very happy reunion between the woman and a police officer who saved her life. >> could a bacon shortage be coming to the u.s.? >> your husband comes to bed at 1:00 in the morning? >> the obamas appeared together on the "the view" [ romney ] my plan
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> in a speech to the united nations general assembly, the president called a nuclear iran and tried to the existence of israel. he also condemned recent violence in muslim countries like the attack in libya. mitt romney is also weighing in on the state of the mideast right now. >> before the president appeared at the u.n., he could be seen sitting on the couch with the
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ladies of "the view." >> we have more on that. >> the president talking about the middle east before noon and then talking about marriage with the women of "view." >> rather than her having to steal napkins we would go ahead and is to bring the stuff to her. >> barbara walters and admits to taking from the white house. >> i like lavishing her with all kinds of attention. when she deserves it, and she always deserves it. >> she should run for office. >> she would be terrific, but temperamentally, i do not think so. >> i am not that patient.
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>> would be disastrous for the country if mitt romney were elected? >> and whose policies are more likely to lead us where we want to go? >> he had a few minutes in his schedule. >> the president said all politicians could learn from his daughter's basketball team. >> they play like a team. congress could take some lessons from the vipers. they pass the ball, they hi-fi's each other. >> the plan has been saidet. >> ago on a long vacation. >> -- go on a long vacation. >> this is a very busy policy day for the president.
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>> the doubly shocking wildfires in southern california continues to spread. firefighters in san diego county say an elderly man died inside of his son. at least 20 homes have been destroyed. officials are investigating what sparked this wildfire. the fire is only 10% contained. >> we have enjoyed gorgeous weather and we continue to today, but it sounds like it is going to change. >> not to chilly for you this morning? >> it was nice. >> the dogwoods are starting to have some color. we had a few clouds, the first batch of clouds will be moving
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to our north. tomorrow summertime will be coming back. temperatures will be in the 80's. 76 degrees is our temperature outside right now. here is how we look the adirondacks out there beginning to show. some of the clouds began to come our way. on doppler nothing showing up around us. all of that will be continuing to slide a bit to our south. there is that bad you can get an idea of how it is coming out of the mountains of west virginia. really into this dry air that we have. we will see some clouds over night tonight, but tomorrow, temperatures will be really soaring into the 80's.
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early this morning out and leesburg, it was a cold morning out there, 38 degrees. the temperature in many areas has risen by more than 30 degrees. but that these morning low temperatures -- look at these morning low temperatures. this overall pattern beginning to shift more to our south with a southerly breeze. here is our hyper local futurecast. as they go through early tomorrow morning, look at the difference from the temperature. temperatures early tomorrow morning will be into the 60's. as we go to the day that southerly breeze continues with warm air. temperatures tomorrow afternoon i think, will be close to 85 degrees. especially for you folks down and around fredericksburg.
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almost 90% of the day will be shower-free. tomorrow night and into early thursday, there is the risk of a few scattered showers. anything would be light for the most part. a few early -- by and large, at any thing would be few and far between. temperatures tomorrow morning 60-61 degrees. tomorrow afternoon temperatures, even though there might be a few lonesome showers, will be into the 80's. enjoy tomorrow leon. and then will be back to temperatures into the 70's. plan accordingly.
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>> ok. it is time to update "dancing with the stars" because i know you are on the edge of your seat. i love it. the first all-star will be saying goodbye tonight. the 13 dancers and returned last night for the season premiere. the judges are handing out passports. -- half-scores. >> i am very sad because it means we have no other place to go but down. >> if we get voted out tomorrow, we had a fantastic night. >> pamela anderson by the way got the lowest score of the evening. she will be the one actually sent home tonight.
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>> you guys are the biggest fans of the shaw wrote. >> she got low scores for a reason. >> you can always hope. >> we love smith. he is awesome. >> i bust of benjamin franklin was stolen. >> will tell you who police say is responsible. >> why father-daughter dances are being banned in one town.
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>> police officer caught on tape pushing a woman out of the weight of a crushing cars and insists he was just doing his job. the officer seized this out of control car -- sees this out-of- control car at of the corner of his eye and he reacts.
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>> thank you does not cover the fact and i am here and talking. >> i knew that she did not see the car coming. i got her out of the way. >> the officer was briefly pending between the cars but escaped with only a bruised leg. >> amazing. u.s. airlines has collected more $1.5 billion in baggage fees during the first part of the year. delta airlines filled the top spot with nearly $430 million. a problem in great britain a unit -- a bake in a shortage around the world. the national pig association says a bacon and sausage shortage next year is unavoidable.
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those rising feeds are tied to the drought in the u.s.. >> you will not get over this. >> we cannot survive this. >> you cannot live without bacon. still ahead the stolen benjamin franklin bossed is worth $3 million. -- bust is worth $3 million. >> you'd better pack your cellphone a
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i'm barack obama, mad i approve this message. christie: i do the laundry, i pay the bills, i make sure my kids are fed and rested and healthy. female vo: moms like christie would be stretched even more under mitt romney. to fund his tax cuts for millionaires romney could take away middle class deductions for child care, home mortgages
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5 on your side. >> emergency call boxes could
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soon be a thing of the past for a popular trial. >> it extends from cumberland to georgetown. they have been a source of comfort for thousands of people who use the trail. the national park service is doing away with these boxes. >> there are only three emergency call boxes located between the start of the trail near the key bridge and now by arizona avenue. the park service say iss they are a waste of money because they're outdated and unreliable. the path is very popular. the emergency call boxes are all broken. >> the call boxes are consistently vandalized. as soon as we repaired them or maintain them, their vandalized again. >> the park service plans to
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remove the phones. there are only three of them. >> have you ever had to use it? >> yes. >> she has never relied on the emergency call boxes. >> i do not even know where one is. >> the paths are generally safe, but there have been problems. including one sexual assault in late july. >> you are in the middle of 5 miles of nothing. it gives you that feeling of safety. >> they may not be able to defend themselves. >> the park service says leading up those broken call boxes gives people a false sense of security. the next few weeks, they're going to put up signs listing
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u.s. park police phone number. and you could always dial 911 from your cellphone. >> police arrested a charles county man accused of lying about his age to have sex with a teenager. kirk douglas yancey that his 14- year-old victim online. she told her parents what happened and police say he is actually 34 years old. >> fairfax county police found four people dead inside of a home in herndon. investigators say authorities made the discovery after one of the victims did not show up for work for two days. >> police are searching for the man who shot someone outside a bank. it happened at 7:00 last night
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outside the capitol lawn on university boulevard. -- capital one on university boulevard. >> the nfl is upholding the seattle seahawks victory. >> the community morning a dead teenager will get the chance to take their concerns over his unsolved murder directly to police. tomorrow night, prince george's county police will hold a community meeting. the 18-year-old was shot to death two weeks ago. the meeting begins at 7:00 inside that school. the man held responsible for a fiery crash that killed the family of four will spend up to 20 years in prison. a judge handed down the sentence after he pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter. police say boyce was drunk.
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>> charles county will become the first county in maryland to fly the p.o.w. flag at government buildings. >> for all of those who have served our country so proudly we are here today for you. let's never forget the sacrifices that so many have made. >> the ceremony also paid tribute to charles county only soldiers still listed missing in action. he vanished in 1966 while on reconnaissance in vietnam. >> the longest serving civilian and the defense department and why he is still on the job after all these years.
5:36 pm
>> times have changed. you just have to be sensitive. >> find out who is responsible for no more father-daughter dance is in one of rhode island town. >> a new way to get through security without taking off your shoes or remove your computer from your bag.
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[ female announcer ] dear daughter, welcome to america. your share of obama's debt is over 50 thousand dollars, and it grows every day. obama's policies are making it harder on women. the poverty rate for women -- the highest in 17 years. more women are unemployed under president obama. more than five and a half million women can't find work. that's what obama's policies have done for women. welcome, daughter. [ romney ] i'mt mitt romney and i approve this message.
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>> we have breaking news from new york city. was arrested in february after police say she arranged a tryst with two women and a police officer posing as a client. >> one town in rhode island has now banned father-daughter dances. >> it is a move that has many people asking, why? >> just like in the former abc tv show, father-daughter dances
5:40 pm
have been a slice of americana. >> i attended the father- daughter dance thiss. >> do not go looking for those activities in rhode island. the school district was sued by the aclu after a single mother took issue with a gender- specific nature of the dance that happened in may. >> the permit gender stereotypes. -- we perk -- we create gender stereotypes. >> last night, the committee held that a band, but they did pass a resolution asking the state legislature to change the law. >> we are the ones the aclu decided to take to task for it. >> even so, the rhode island general assembly does not reconvene until january.
5:41 pm
the state's governor has remained noncommittal. >> times are changing. we have to be sensitive to all of the issues. >> federal law this group -- prohibits discrimination in education. rhode island state law provides no such exemption. >> still to come, the legal fight over a dog mural in arlington is over. we will tell you who won in the end. >> it seems that -- the story is
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>> it is time now for a check on our traffic situation. >> very quiet on the road today. >> we will try to connect a little bit later. >> this is a new popular car
5:45 pm
service in d.c. that is taking business away from cabs. >> a the cab commission wants to crack down. >> you have the category of d.c. of public vehicles called limos and taxicabs. this company is muscling its weight in the with a category called sedans. it is doing that because of popular demand. if you ask users what they think about the service -- >> is 10 times better than filthy cabs. it cost a little more and i'm happy to pay it. >> use some of them through smart phone -- you summon them through smart phone apps.
5:46 pm
regulation should be about safety and security. >> their guidelines around a safety for the public, but it does not mandate a whole lot of other things. it does not to seem to have any bearing on the public. >> a number of council members are standing with uber. >> we want this new technology and we will have this new technology. >> in node changes take place before december 30 -- no changes take place before december 31. >> we are working 80 + hours a week. >> many cabdrivers are not happy, asking why they get a free ride and they do not. >> my business is way down and it is very difficult for me to make a living. >> a council member is among those calling for loosening the regulations on taxicabs. their companies moving into
5:47 pm
d.c. with names like a halo and taxing magic -- taxi magic. >> happy ending to a story that we have been falling for months. back in february, we told you about -- that caused some damage. we got that pulled removed and verizon offered to pay for the damages. a legal dispute came to an end in arlington this afternoon. arlington county forced the owner of a grinning facility to pay for a mural outsider for business. officials say she violated an ordinance. she claimed the ordinance
5:48 pm
violated her first amendment rights. >> a woman has been busted, you could say, for allegedly stealing a rare bust of benjamin franklin were $3 million. here is a picture of the piece of art. it was stolen from a home near philadelphia. it is now in the hands of the fbi. she was carrying the blast in a duffel bag. she worked for a cleaning service. the owner hopes it can be repaired. >> it is like the liberty bell. >> exactly. >> she had it in a duffel bag on the bus. >> gordon peterson is live in our newsroom with a look ahead. >> we have more on the investigation into this case in herndon or four family members were found inside a home this
5:49 pm
morning. the president and mitt romney both talking foreign-policy in new york city today. opinions of these hot topics differ greatly. we look at what each had to say. >> the american university professor who created controversy when she breastfed her child in class will be on " katie" tomorrow. >> is breast-feeding ok in class? you can see that interview and more tomorrow at 4:00. >> we're also following the weather. >> what is the latest? >> the sun just made a little dip behind the clouds. they will break up of debt to marlee. look at what is coming -- they will break up a little bit
5:50 pm
tomorrow. look at what is coming. those will dissipate before they're really coming to washington but there may be a few light sprinkles. temperatures to marble be in the 80's. ready or not, -- temperatures tomorrow will be in the 80's. here is a new blog. if you are not looking forward to the decreasing amount of daylight by december 1, we will have lost another two hours. it gives you a picture of how it changes with time and the sequence. the next seven days for us, we will see diminishing amount of sunshine. i really think we will not be seeing a rain. 80 or 90% of the time, we will be dry but there will be some passing rainshowers.
5:51 pm
for you folks who want a taste of summer time, tomorrow. >> that is you, leon. >> that is me. these replacement referees. the worst i have ever seen. >> the packers star had the third most re-tweeted tweet. whether or not you watched the infamous game last night, by now, you have heard about it. it was the same group that worked a disastrous game. on twitter last night and today, nfl player sounded off. we were there to listen. clueless in seattle, that is the almost unanimous verdict following last night's totally unbelievable ending. >> how can you make that call?
5:52 pm
>> i could not believe it. >> unfortunate. >> the seahawks were awarded the ad game winning touchdown even though, for all of the world, it looks like a packers interception. >> first of all, the receiver pushed off. the interception, that was a clear interception. >> it is one thing to make some bad calls. at the end of the game. >> it was not just one call, it was two. >> the call stands, a touchdown. the original ruling was upheld following a look at the replay. >> even after that, they could have overturned it. >> there is one person who
5:53 pm
thinks they got a call right. >> i am going to stand by my receiver. >> the defensive back-family that the ball. -- the defense is back definitely caught that ball. >> the call stands. are you ready for some fallout? >> i am glad the nfl has those issues and i do not have those issues. >> it has been a huge controversy. >> we will have more at 6:00. >> do you want to officiate? >> coming up next come he is about to turn 90 years old and you know what, he is still on the job. >>
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"it's time to stand up to the cheaters and make sure we protect jobs for the american people." mitt romney? tough on china? romney's companies were called pioneers in shipping us manufacturing jobs overseas. he invested in firms that specialized in relocating jobs to low wage countries like china. even today part of romney's fortune is invested in china. romney's never stood up to ina. all he's done is send them our jobs. i'm barack obamna and i approvethis message.
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>> and 89-year-old man will be honored for his 70 years of military and civil service. >> the key to his longevity is challenging himself on the job and always striving to do more. pamela brown has more on his incredible accomplishments. >> five days a week, he spends more than an hour commuting to his office. as the associate director of the small business program, he stays busy and wishes he has more hours in the day. >> there are many things i would like to do here. >> 70 years ago, he began his career as an inspector at the philadelphia navy yard. soon after, he joined the navy.
5:58 pm
in 1946, he left the navy, but continued working as a civilian on a missile. five years later he made the jump to the small business program for the navy. he is the most experienced member of the team. >> he has mentored through the program. >> he has so much to give, i hoping never retires. >> he admits his son and daughter are considering their own retirements. >> you feel a lot older than you really are. >> why keep working? >> the pride of accomplishment.
5:59 pm
>> a special ceremony will be held tomorrow at 10:00 at the washington navy yard. >> i love that story. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6, on your side. >> good evening. our top story, of fairfax county neighborhood is in shock after four people are found dead in a home. >> we were over the scene this afternoon. the discovery was made after one of the adults in the home did not show up for work. what is the latest? >> this turn the neighborhood is in shock and disbelief after this family of four were found dead inside


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